Code of conduct for students and Parents


Dear Parents/ Students,

Virtual classes/online teaching refers to any session(s) organised by the School and its designated staff for the students enrolled in the School for the purpose of learning – be it related to academic fields or co-curricular activities, on any IT enabled or electronic platform including, phone – regular audio calls, WhatsApp audio/video calls, skype, meeting and chat rooms/platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom for the purpose of teaching.

The School has taken several steps to give access to the parents/students to the content for virtual classes/online teaching:

• We will be providing the MS teams/Zoom login ids to the students. Students below the age of 13 years are allowed access to Online/Virtual classes through login ids only under guidance/supervision and presence of parents.

• It is important for us to understand that virtual classes/online teaching comes with its own set of challenges, legal compliances, rules and regulations. As virtual classes/online teaching is dependent on e-platform, it is regulated by the Information and Technology Act, 2000 and Rules there under.

• The School has formulated the Code of Conduct, detailed herein, which sets forth the rules governing virtual classes/online teaching. The Code of Conduct is prepared to maintain decorum, safety and security of parents, students and teachers, which is of paramount importance to us.

For the effective implementation and smooth running of virtual classes/online teaching, all the students and parents are requested to strictly comply with the below mentioned Code of Conduct:
1. The educational content is available on Fliplearn portal and online classes exclusively for the use and benefit of the students of the School. The teaching content/material is to be used by the students, as specifically instructed by the teacher.

2. The educational content is the proprietary content/database of the School. The School does not allow anyone to copy/reproduce/replicate/share/publish or electronically transmit the content of the School to third parties in any form or means, unless expressly permitted by the School.

3. The Parents and students are requested to maintain decorum and respect the privacy of the teachers. The Parents and students agree, confirm and undertake not to capture/screenshot/record any audio/video/image of the teachers conducting virtual classes/online teaching.

4. The Parents and students agree, confirm and undertake not to disseminate/share/circulate/post/access/store/upload any audio/video/image of the teachers conducting virtual classes/online teaching on any social media or on any other online platform.

5. The Parents and students agree that the School may record or monitor virtual classes/online teaching for the purpose of internal evaluations, staff training, etc.

6. The students below the age of 13 are required to access the official email /meeting ID’s only under the guidance/supervision and presence of their parents – even to attend the virtual classes.

7. RULES GOVERNING ACCESS AND USAGE OF LINK FOR ZOOM/ MICROSOFT TEAMS (OR ANY OTHER SCHOOL AUTHORISED PLATFORM): The students shall receive a link for the online class as per the timetable a day prior on the school issued official mail-id. The student is required to adhere to the following rules with respect to the link:

a. The Students can use the link to join the online/virtual class timetabled for the day only.
b. The links are to be treated as private and confidential.
c. The link cannot be shared with any student/person within the school community or outside the school community.

a. The Students should access the link for the specific timetabled class and join 5 (Five) minutes prior to the class.
b. During the class, students must not have access to mobile phones.
c. Once the Students join, they must stay muted and TURN ON their videos and only unmute or turn off their video as and when required/asked by the teacher.
d. The students must enter the classroom with their Videos ON and no other images to be displayed as their diaplay image/dp
e. Students are not allowed to use the Chat option during virtual class to chat with each other, with students from other classes, with any other member of the school community and/or outside the school community.
f. The Student will only be allowed to access and use Chat option to communicate with the specific teacher, if he/she requires a student to respond on chat regarding class/subject related work.
g. The children are required to exit immediately after the class is concluded.
h. The Students are not allowed to create a separate Team/meeting ID and organising any meeting without a teacher or school designated organiser.

a. In the event any student is found violating the Rules governing usage of the official email ids/meeting ID’s, as stated in Rule 7 above, then the School retains the right to immediately suspend without prior notice and take action against the student(s).

b. In the event any student is found violating the Rules governing access and usage of link, platforms and the attendance and participation in virtual classes/online teaching, as stated in Rule 8 and 9 above, then the School retains the right to immediately suspend and/or delete accounts of students.

c. The School will take strict action including but not limited to suspension and expulsion from School in case the Student is found indulging in any of the following actions:

i. Downloading/sharing/posting any material/content/audio-visuals/ comments (to and/or about any student and parent of the school, staff member of the school and school itself), which may be construed as objectionable, derogatory, malicious, discriminating, inflammatory, fraudulent, intimidating, bullying or in any way disturbing for any individual within and outside the school community.
ii. Inviting/allowing any other student/person from within or outside the school community to the online class or any other associated forum using school credentials for any reason.
iii. Disrupting the class through inappropriate behaviour, entering uninvited into a class, removing/muting participants, playing a prank.
iv. Misconduct with teachers and other students;
v. Use of any word or action likely to undermine the reputation of the any teacher, School or any other student;
vi. Abusive, Bullying, assaulting and ragging other students in any form
vii. Sharing inappropriate and unfitting links with teachers and other students
viii. Screening of objectionable objects during online classes
ix. Any other act which shall adversely affect the goodwill and reputation of the School and its teachers

Each student is mandatorily required to adhere to the Code of Conduct and rules given in this document and his/her Parents should confirm, agree and acknowledge to the Code of Conduct by sending I AGREE note to his/her class teacher through email to ensure that child follows the same during, and in any event associated to virtual classes organised by the School.

Let’s all come together for a shared goal.
Thank you for your valuable support as Always!

Stay safe!
TEAM TMS Noida 41

Wednesday, April 7, 2021