Principal’s Message

Modern Education does not lend itself to a single fixed definition that can fit itself into a standardized compartment. What one calls traditional may well be seen differently by each one of us because if we are thinking of progressive education today, then we should not forget the virtues of our education system in the past which made us think of bringing about a change in 21st Century educational system! As an educator, I see the only difference in the unique needs of an individual student based on his/her immediate environment. At the Millennium School we believe that every child is unique and education for a child is not just bringing some modification in his/her behavior but looking at the motives & values to be nurtured for life. Besides academic expertise, we look at other talents and interests of the child and accordingly work with them. While we want them to be good human beings, we also want them to be life long learners.

At TMS, we do not look at intellectual growth as attaining academic, verbal and mathematical proficiency but at imparting skills which leads to collaborative learning. For us independence comes as much as interdependence. It’s a popular saying that “a merely well informed man is the most useless bore on God’s earth”. Facts and skills do matter, but only in a context and for a purpose. That’s why progressive educations tends to be organized around problems, projects and questions which lead to higher order thinking. At TMS, the teaching is typically interdisciplinary, the assessments rarely focuses on rote memorizations and excellence isn’t confused with “rigor”, the point is not merely to challenge students- because harder is not necessarily better!

We invite our students to think deeply about issues and matters to understand ideas from inside out. We take pride that we have been able to create a vibrant neighborhood school that promotes overall excellence of an individual. Our mission is to nurture a culture where students are valued as individuals and allowed to explore these creative talents. We believe that the positive self concepts is benefited through academic success and it is our goal to keep raising the bar for all of us here at the school so that we move forward with skills and confidence to be successful in our highly competitive society. Our school environment has been created with the focus on “show the pride in everything you do”

With parents as partners we have followed a positive direction. We always welcome their critical feedback for the school improvement process. TMS Noida is fortunate to have such lovely students and strong parent body to support. May Goddess of knowledge enlighten our future.